Class Mural Projects

Class mural projects involves the participation of the entire class creating one painting. In this setting the students, artist and teachers develop the theme of the project. The next step is about brainstorming ideas for coming up with the images. We then transfer the images onto the canvas, sometimes by pencil straight brushing. I usually break up the class into varying degrees of specialization, some are good at drawing, some at coloring and some are good at finishing with the linework. The final painting is the result of a collaborative effort, the class murals are meant to instill teamwork, sense of ownership, responsibility and accomplishment. Most importantly they become visual reminders of a special moment in their lives.

School Mural Projects

School mural projects are developed along the same guidelines as class mural projects, except for the participation of more than one class, sometimes up to several classes or even the entire school. These projects require careful planning due to the nature of applying them directly onto the walls. Some of the murals developed in this format were ideas that included themes of multi culturalism, anti-racism, indigenous cultures/history, school identities/specialties, treaty awareness and community building. The time to complete these works varies on location and size of the murals but usually between three-five days and up to one-
two weeks. As the artist, I am involved in every aspect of the murals creation and usually you’ll find my floral motifs bordering the painting, this is meant to be the catalyst for the process.


Artists in Schools | Grant Project

This project was recently done at Mother Teresa School. It was a collaborative effort with grade 4 & 5's.



Mayfair Community School | Class Mural Project

These six panels were the results from the students at Mayfair Community School, each measure 4'x4', acrylic on OSB panels. During the course of about 4-5 years I had the opportunity to engage students in creating these class murals. There are over 40 of these done from many other community schools in the Saskatoon region.


Mayfair Community School Mural Project

North Park School Mural

North Park Wilson mural was created to visually enhance the front area of the school that celebrated various programs such as their theater/drama club, their garden club and their multicultural family. The mural is approximately 7’x20’, work was done by the students.

Pleasant Hill School Mural

Pleasnt Hill community school was an ongoing project that saw the school develop murals and artwork on all three levels of the school. The addition of color throughout the school adds richness and vibrancy to their learning environment.


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