Pee-Ace, Kevin L

(b.1972-) In Kelvington, Sk.

"I am a Member of Yellowquill First Nations(Saulteaux) and Peter Chapman First Nations(Cree). I am a survivor of the Indian residential school system having attended both Gordon’s near Punnichy and St.Michaels in Duck Lake for six years of my early childhood. In 1985 my late mother Ann Whitehead moved the family out to BC eventually settling in Mission. In 1991, I graduated from Mission Secondary School, soon after I enrolled at UCFV-Abbotsford into the Studio Fine Arts Diploma Program successfully completing it in 1993. I moved to Vancouver that year and continued my studies at Capilano College in North Vancouver where I pursued my studies in Fine Arts history, Anthropology and archaeology. After completing in 1995 I entered my professional career in art under the guidance of my uncle Jerry Whitehead. In the summer of that year I decided to return to my roots in Saskatchewan and continue pursuing my goals of becoming an artist. Fast forward 22 years later and I have discovered many things in my life that art has brought me, most important is the love of a great wife Vicki Head, three beautiful children Dawn, Eve, Raymond and two grandchildren Daniel and Raven. 

The importance of family is the central core of my paintings, they are tributes to great women in my life who’ve made significant contributions to my very existence, they remind me of the past we shared and to the future of my children. I am proud to represent my people through art, it is a blessing to be given these gifts and equally to share with people all over the world, it is my wish that my paintings will inspire our children, to give hope, to be positive and to always strive to reach their dreams. “My current style depicts traditional floral motifs reminiscent of beadwork, a homage to my late kokom, who created beautiful works on moss bags, moccasins, and saddles. This new style is a modern fusion of two worlds, one traditional and one contemporary. The importance of family is prominent throughout the works, the vibrant colors represents the joy of life, it is meant to inspire hope, success, and happiness. These paintings are a tribute to my late mother who was my guide throughout my life, my late Grandmother for her strength in cultural beliefs and traditions, and my children for the inspiration they give me, Meegwetch.”



Exhibitons, group/solos

2016 Sundog Arts and Craft Faire | Saskatoon, Sk
2014 Sundog Arts & Craft Faire | Saskatoon, SK
2013 Sundog Arts & Craft Faire | Saskatoon, SK
2012 Auger & Friends | Bragg Creek, AB
2008 Gerald Folster & Kevin Peeace | Winnipeg, MB
2008 “Blooming Colors” | Wanuskewin Gallery Saskatoon, SK
2007 “Western Indian Art Show” | Currie Barracks Calgary, AB
2006 Dale Auger & Friends | Bragg Creek, AB
2006 “Inspiring A Generation” | Wanuskewin Gallery, Saskatoon,Sk
2004 “Relations” | Delmar Gallery Saskatoon, SK
2004 “A Father's Day Celebration Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina,Sk
2001 “An Indian Art Odyssey” Wanuskewin Gallery, Saskatoon,Sk
1999 “Colors: A Transitional Perspective” | Wanuskewin Gallery, Saskatoon, Sk
1998 “Contemporary Warrior II” | Wanuskewin Gallery, Saskatoon, Sk
1997 “World Indigenous Arts Show” | Place Riel U of S
1997 | “Prairie Spirit” | Cultural Exchange, Regina, SK

Public Works

2017 “Recovery” 5’x10’ | Saskatoon City Hospital.

2017Rise of the Morning Star” 4’x6’ | University of Saskatchewan-College of Arts&Science. 

2016 “Homage to Green” 6’x8’ | City of Saskatoon Utility Box at 20th Street West & Ave B South.

2015Across the Island” 7’x72’ | University of Regina, Student Residence Kisik Tower.  

2008 “The power of One” 5’x40’ | Mayfair United Church.

2005 “Our teachers are our ancestors” 10’x15’ | University of Saskatchewan-College of Education.



2001-2016 Saskatoon Public School Board & Greater Catholic School Board (Collaborative Mural Projects) 

2006-2007 Centennial Collegiate (FN & Metis Day of discovery) 

2005-2007 Brightwater Science Centre (Art and Anti-racism)

2001-2006 North SK. International Children's Festival




Kevin’s paintings can be found in various public and private collections throughout Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world.